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Saturday, 23 February 2019

3 Litmus Tests To Pass If You're Ready For Dating

how to know if you're ready to date

One question prevalent among youths is often when and what time is right for dating?
So much uncertainty shrouds the question of what time is right to date!

Many have held on to the belief that age is largely a determining factor in deciding if one is ready for dating.

It would interest you to know that dating is not tied to age. 


Although age is actually a determining factor but when you read through these three (3) litmus tests if you're ready to date you would see how irrelevant age can be in determining if you're ready for dating.

Litmus Test #1 – Marriage Readiness

The first litmus test to pass if you're ready to date is to be ready for marriage.

Dating is a system which involves a form of romantic courtship typically between two individuals to determine the suitability of a member of the opposite sex for MARRIAGE.

Hope you see my emphasis? 

The goal of dating is primarily to check if someone is suitable for you to get married to. Since dating is a system to check a person's suitability for marriage, why date when you're not ready to get married?

The world's definition of dating would not support this view but then we are not to be conformed to the system of the world.

To know if you're ready to date, you should pass the marriage readiness test.

Litmus Test #2 – Complete Control Over Your Emotions 

Whether you like it or not, the quest to satisfy our emotions drives us into things we are not ready for.

If you're unable to control the forces which influence your emotions then you're not ready to date.

If you can't decide by yourself the direction your emotions should tilt to then forget about dating just yet.

Not being able to control and govern your emotions would seriously affect your dating life.
A female friend of mine was telling me about how she wants to leave a relationship because the guy does not show any form of emotional control.

It can be bad and frustrating both for you and the person you're in a relationship with.

You're ready to date to the extent that you exhibit control and not just control, complete control over your emotions.

When you regard dating as a means of satisfying your emotions then you're not ready. Wait a little while.

Litmus Test #3 – Financial Independence

The final litmus test I would be sharing today is financial Independence.

Before you make a move to date be sure that you are independent financially. You must be buoyant enough to take good care of yourself and your partner.

This point is relative to guys but ladies are not left out. Be sure that you can afford to cater for your needs and the needs of your partner before you can claim to be ready to date.

Have a steady and a reliable income source. Be stable financially.
Let your income be such that it can help you foot your bills and foot the bills of your partner when the need arises.

Until you're financially independent don't bother venturing into dating it is a quest in futility.

The points which are outlined must be followed sequentially.

The first test which must be passed is the marriage readiness test.
After the first test is passed, the second test which is complete control over your emotions must be passed before you proceed to the test on financial Independence.

No test must be missed. They must be followed accordingly.
From litmus test one (1) to three (3) all must be passed, none must be skipped.
Only then can you claim to be ready to date.

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