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The Tragedy of Ease and Why You Must Avoid Them

"Always being at ease is tantamount to shortchanging your destiny and ultimately turning into a failure." – Brodrick Emmanuel Ebube 

One of the major distinguishing factor between successful people and unsuccessful people is that the latter fail to do as much work as the former does.

What characterizes the life of a successful man which makes him different from the failure is that the successful man did something; paid a price, put in more work, took more risks and gave in more sacrifices than the failure was willing to.

The focus of this article is to bring your way the consciousness of the tragedy of being at ease and why you must avoid it if you would walk the path of being successful!

The general mentality of failures is the false assumption that "what would be would be" when in reality what would be would never be except they are forced to be.

Successful people bear in their minds the consciousness of the fact that there's so much work to be done hence there is no room for complacency, being at ease or being idle.

Show me a man or a youth who dislikes work and prefers to be at ease and I would show you someone whose ultimate destiny is to fail.

Success doesn't just happen. Becoming successful is a function of hardwork and diligence. Success is not a product of wishes and desires. Nobody becomes successful by chance. You consciously and deliberately work towards success.

It is only failure that sustains the fortitude to meet with anyone by chance. The moment you relinquish the place of hardwork and diligence for wishes and desires you present yourself a living sacrifice fit for failure.

Always being at ease is tantamount to shortchanging your destiny and ultimately turning into a failure. I get very perplexed when I see youths at ease in the face of the magnanimous work their glorious destinies need before they manifest.

It pricks my heart when I see that the daily routine of the average youth revolves round hanging out with friends, watching movies, partying, sleeping and social media. Youths are now very complacent and at ease, not coming to the realization that they've got so much work to do.

In the end what we produce are old men opening gates for small boys and answering "Yes sir" to persons who they are old enough to give birth to.

Without further ardor what are the tragedies of being at ease.

1. Losing Out In Destiny 

"Moab hath been at ease from his youth, and he hath settled on his lees, and hath not been emptied from vessel to vessel, neither hath he gone into captivity: therefore his taste remained in him, and his scent is not changed." – Jeremiah 48:11

The scripture verse above speaks of Moab, a person. This Moab was at ease all through his days as a youth. He dwelled all his youthful days in ease and with so much complacency but something transpired in the next verse;

Jeremiah 48:12

"Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that I will send unto him wanderers, that shall cause him to wander, and shall empty his vessels, and break their bottles."

Since this Moab was complacent all the days of his youth even the little he had was going to be plundered away.

A youth that remains at ease would lose out of all the goodies life and destiny has in store for him. Moab was at ease and his state of ease during his youth made him lose out of destiny. His latter days was that of misery and lack.

If you do not want to lose out on destiny and what it has in store for you then you must flee ease and complacency.

2. Hardwork at Old Age 

One way or the other there's a season in a man's life when he must work.

Jesus said;

"I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work." – John 9:4

This clearly shows us that there is a time for work and a time where work can not be done. The day is the timeframe earmarked for work to be done.

In the life of a man, the "daytime" represents the youth stage. It is at this stage that one is expected to work. The "nighttime" is old age where work is not supposed to be done but sadly many trade their "day" and work at "night" when they're supposed to be resting.

The Prophet Jeremiah makes an assertion in Lamentations:

"It is good for a man that he bear the yoke in his youth." – Lamentations 3:27

The time to do work is during your youth because this is the point where your passion, your will and your strength are all strong, alive and fully active.

The night time, old age, is the period for rest because all your strength would be gone at that time but unfortunately many work at old age.

Whether you want it or not, you must work. If you do not work during the day when you have your strength you must work during the night when you're weak and tired!

Like Jeremiah counsels, I counsel you today work now that you're young!

3. Becoming A Failure 

Another tragedy of being at ease is that you end up becoming a failure. Refusing to do work is a perquisite for failing in life.

Success is not a product of wishes and desires neither is it a product of idlenes, complacency and being at ease. To be successful you must consciously and deliberately work and walk towards it.

If you have the mentality that luck would shine on you or that what would be would be, let me shock you;

First there's nothing like luck. Success doesn't meet you by chance, you must take the right steps consciously and deliberately to achieve it.
It is only failure that sustains the fortitude to meet with you by chance.

Debunk that idea that luck exist. Successful people are not lucky. When you see a successful person do not say he is lucky, find out what he did to become successful.

Secondly, what would be would never be. The only time what would be would be is when you force them to be. You don't wish for things to be, you force them to be.

If you want success you don't sit and wait for it to come, you work for it to come!

In conclusion, the pathway to becoming successful is not of ease and complacency. Successful people do not give in to ease. They have in their subconscious minds that they have to work and they afford ease and complacency zero breeding space.

To be successful, you must avoid the ease and its tragedies. Always being at ease is tantamount to shortchanging your destiny and ultimately turning into a failure!

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