Monday, 1 April 2019

See What's Stopping You From Praying As You Want To

"In partnership with the Holy Spirit, we are introduced to terrains and atmospheres of extreme spirit sessions during our prayer time" – Brodrick Emmanuel Ebube

Prayer is one phenomena that has been given so much emphasis in the Body Of Christ. The Church is supercharged with so many teachings on prayer and any member of a true apostolic ministry would relate and reconcile with this fact.

If you have been an ardent follower of Gospelcaster, Inc you would have noticed that a great percentage of my emphasis lies within the lines of prayers. 

This is because a believer is nothing without prayer. The art of prayer is the whole duty of man and there's an urgent need that we all master the art if we must navigate through this world successfully.

But despite all the emphasis on prayer, I still noticed a defect; believers are unable to pray as against their wish and desire to do so.

Using my life as a case study and the lives of several others around me, I found out that the awareness of the need to pray lies in almost every believer but this awareness is not enough to spur one to pray.

As I sought to unravel the mystery which is responsible for the believers inability to pray despite the urge to pray and I stumbled on the revelation which I would be sharing in this piece.

I know you have always desired to pray for five (5), seven (7), twelve (12) hours but you struggle to pray for thirty (30) minutes and when you pray for an hour it is as though you've prayed for a whole day.

Today, I would be showing you why you desire to pray but can not pray as you want to. Journey along with me.

The first thing I want you to realise is that desire is not enough. Your desire to pray is not enough to make you pray.

It is true that desire forms the building block of any action but if all you have as regards prayer is a desire you would not attain to your maximum potential in the place of prayer.

The second thing I would like to establish is this; prayer is a spiritual function and its operation rests within the jurisdiction of the spirit which sponsors that action.

The operation of a spiritual function is carried out under the jurisdiction of a spirit. To carryout a spiritual function you must come into partnership with the Spirit that controls and governs the operation of that function.

Prayer as a spiritual function is operated perfectly under the auspices of partnership with the Holy Spirit.

I found out that what we lack in our prayer life is partnership with God's Spirit. Trying to pray in the energy of the flesh is tantamount to weaky weightless, short-lived prayer sessions.

Partnering with God's Spirit when you come to pray introduces you to terrains and atmospheres of extreme spirit sessions during your prayer time. 

When you pray by the help of God's Spirit, time is inconsequential. Time is not a variable as you can go on and on without realizing it.

How does the Spirit's partnership with us help us to pray?

The Spirit of God possesses the ability to help us pray. Apostle Paul made us to understand that because we are humans we have an infirmity which is our inability to pray as we ought to.

The Spirit of God takes away our infirmity; of praying wrongly and not spending quality time by praying for us. He seizes our vocal cords and uses them to perpetrate divinity's will and counsel.

Basically, why we are unable is because we are deficient of quickening.

"So will not we go back from thee: quicken us, and we will call upon thy name." – Psalms 80:18

In as much as we desire to stay in the place of prayer and spend quality time with God we are unable to because we lack quickening.

Asaph in the scripture verse above makes us understand that it is in us to want to rush out of the place of prayer as quickly as we came in but when God's Spirit quickens us we would find time completely inconsequential.

Not until you're quickened by God's Spirit, you would not be able to pray as you want to pray. Without the quickening by the Holy Spirit prayer would be a boring struggle for you.

Backed up by your desire to pray should be the quickening of the Spirit. As soon as the Spirit quickens you, you would begin to enjoy prayer so much so that your intent all the time would be to pray.

As you desire to pray, desire that the Holy Spirit injects your spirit man with the quickening syringe. The only solution to your inability to pray despite your desire is quickening!

Ask God's Spirit to quicken you today and always!
God Bless You!

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