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Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Facilitating Responses From God

Have you been able to communicate your demands to God and get responses from Him?

If you have then what I am about to share may be a practical reality in your life. But then succeeding to get response from God without knowing the actual principle which facilitated that process would amount to an inability to reproduce and replicate that dimension over and over again.

Whether you have trapped responses from God or not, it is important that you understand the principle which works our ability to get responses from Heaven.

Let us journey gradually.

I want you to understand that God seeks to commune with you. The dispensation of the God-head we are currently undergoing is one that thrives on fellowship.

How do I know?

When the world began it was the dispensation of God the Father. When Jesus came down to the Earth to die, God the Father stepped back and the dispensation of God the Son set. As Jesus was to ascend He heralded the coming of God the Holy Spirit.

So right now we are in the dispensation of God the Holy Spirit and this dispensation finds it operational pad and base on fellowship and communion as we see in 2 Corinthians 13:14

"The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Love of God, and the COMMUNION OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, be with you all. Amen."

To do anything with God in our day and time is based on communing and fellowshipping with Him and God is desirous of this.
Since God is so desperately seeking to commune and fellowship with us; He desires that we talk to Him and have Him talk back to us why is it somewhat difficult to have Him talk to us?
What are we not doing right?

Here's why it is difficult,
God takes pleasure in concealing things and Himself. He finds a form of glorification when He hides Himself and certain things. 


Well, nothing glorious is exposed easily. This is a working system God adopts.
Take for instance: your brain, lungs, kidneys, heart and other delicate organs of your body which are responsible for your living and survival are securely hidden within the body.

Here's a scriptural backing for my stance;

"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honor of kings is to search out a matter"
– Proverbs 25:2

Having established that God derives pleasure and glory in concealing Himself and things, how can we get Him to reveal and unveil these things?

I would be answering that question using the life of the Canaanite woman in Matthew 15. I would show you what principle she applied that made her get Jesus' response despite the circumstances which made that venture seem unfruitful.

"Then Jesus went thence, and departed into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon.

And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.

But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us.

But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Then came she and worshiped him, saying, Lord, help me.

But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs.

And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table.

Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour."
– Matthew 15:21-27

The woman sought for Jesus' response over her demand for the healing of her daughter but then Jesus was completely uninterested in granting that demand reason because she was not a Jew.

Jesus was not trying to test her! He was not trying to make her exhibit faith in Him and His ability to bring about the healing of her daughter. He was actually not willing to grant her demands.

The principle which this "unbeliever", the Canaanite woman, applied that made Jesus go back on His initial position of not answering her was her PERSISTENCE.

The woman persistently called out to Jesus. Even when by implication Jesus called her a dog (Matthew 15:25), she still kept on calling out to Him.
Her persistency forced Jesus into replying her. She compelled Jesus to answer, respond to, and grant her demands on the strength of her persistent cry.

Even Jesus in Luke 18 taught the people on persistency as a viable tool for getting response from God when He spoke a parable to the end that men ought always to pray and not to faint.

In Jesus' parable in Luke 18, there was a judge who did not fear God neither did he regard any man. 
Also, there was a widow who came to the judge seeking justice.

The last thing the judge was going to do was to grant her justice. He was not ready to show her justice and no one would question his stance on the matter but then something striking happened in Luke18:5

"Yet because this widow troubleth me, I will avenge her, LEST BY HER CONTINUAL COMING she weary me." {Emphasis Mine}

The judge who neither feared God nor regarded man gave the woman justice because of her continual coming (persistence).
Then Jesus points us to His emphasis in verse 7 of Luke 18;

"And shall not God avenge his own elect, which cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?"

God is not like that judge. He is ready to answer you when you call out to Him all He wants is for you to do so with a little dose of persistence.

See what God told the Prophet Isaiah

"I have set watchmen upon thy walls, O Jerusalem, which shall never hold their peace day nor night: ye that make mention of the LORD, keep not silence,

And give him no rest, till he establish, and till he make Jerusalem a praise in the earth."
– Isaiah 62:6-7

God is making a passionate appeal. Do not give me rest until I respond. Do not keep silent until I do that which you seek me for. I am not just willing to answer you, I am ready to answer you just cry to me a little bit more.

Just so you know, God does not just respond to people who diligently and persistently seek Him. He rewards them as we see in the concluding part of Hebrews 11:6

He said;

"Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not."
– Jeremiah 33:3

Moses told the Israelites;

"But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul."
– Deuteronomy 4:29

God is ever-ready to reveal Himself to us. He only wants us seek Him with a dose of persistence.

Be persistent in prayer...
Be persistent in the study of God's word...
Be persistent in service to God...
Be persistent in fasting...
Be persistent in witnessing and evangelism...

With persistence, we can always facilitate responses from God.

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