Spiritual Levels Between A Man And A Woman.

 You can agree with me that the spirituality of men are diverse. Thought we were created as ONE in the image of God but not all of us carry the person of GOD.

Spirituality of a man's life is the ability to hear directly from God and execute his dealings on earth.
Spiritual Levels Between A Man And A Woman.

I know many people don't like reading long posts so let me dive into the light.

God created Man through DUST but he created a Woman through BONE. You see there's a level of strength here in the woman.

God knows that man being in union with a woman (Marriage) will be prone to lots of evil so he said I quote "...i will make you (man) a help mate".

The serpent approached Eve (Woman) because he knows that through her he can easily penetrate the heart of The Man.

Samson was a strong Man but at the introduction of De
Spiritual Levels Between A Man And A Woman.

Dear women/ladies the level at which the devil is roaming around you from the marine kingdom to the air is very deep. If only you will understand that as a WOMAN your VISION (God's Divine plan for your life) is linked more to drawing Men (the lost ships) to the Kingdom than drawing eye pencil accurately from one edge to the other. (Note: I never spoke against drawing of eye pencil).

You are a Divine vessels for God, there are hidden giants in you that's why you have more access to the world than men.

Men are strong spiritually but with a WIFE who helps them grow they shall be army's for the Kingdom.

I leave you with this:
Don't be a woman who hides her LIGHT in the the dark, be a woman who's aim is to be a great WIFE and spread the Gospel like a WI-FI.

God bless you.

I remain Stephen Chuka, Your friend, brother and neighbor.

I pray that your light will shine more than the shooting stars.