When Women Pray

 These are terrific seasons for the appearances of Praying Women, the appearance of Women Gates, Mothers of territorial travails, Priestesses of The God Kind, judges of the Deborah order, daughters of Agabus, women who will lend God their womb to corridor the next Samuel, the next Timothy, the next Graham and a Host of Generals Into this side of eternity..

When Women pray, strong territorial walls are broken, limitations are lifted...

When women pray, fresh hunger is programmed and the church is further brought in her fullness and seasonal office of operation...
When women pray, families begin to align to the Word of God...
When women pray,  covenants with ancestry is broken, captives are set free, even the unborn and invisible generation are preserved from the lurking wickedness of mankind...
When women pray, the prey of the mighty is delivered..
When women pray, school girls begin to have encounters with the Spirits of just men made perfect...

When women pray, the market place would cease to be the place where dark powers triumph, the Holy Ghost becomes the supervisor of marketing operations...

When women pray, our teenage girls would be so on fire, transforming into Holy epistles, mobile alters and presence centers, they would pray until the spirit of whoredom is expelled from our campuses, streets and homes..

When women pray,  the church will love to pray again,
When women pray Like Mama Anna,  Jesus will be brought into the church again..
When women pray, that influence of that old spirit 'jezebel' shall be shut down...

When women pray the lives of our sons will become pipes, conduits and annexes to bring deliverance to our nation.
When they pray,  the mystery that render men infidels and vagabonds shall be obliterated.

When women pray, The nations are delivered from the tongue of leviathan, set loose from the grip of the dark angel and the armies of the aliens are put to flight. 

When women pray, the new order and kind of Women begin to rise... women portals begin to show up and shut down the voice of lying prophets who have not spoken by the Rod of The Lord.

The Abigails,
The Anna,
The Judiths, 
The Widow of Zeraphat ordained to house prophetic visitations in a territory..

When women pray they secure the anointing, The DEBORAH'S order of the Anointing.

July 26-27
Pastor Fanny Ekpekurede
Pastor Sotty Smith

We keep pressing
We see a Jesus fired generation 🔥
Pastor Steve Smith