Why You Should Pray Today!!!


Why You Should Pray Today!!!

Good day God's precious people. Happy new month to you.

I feel we should touch this briefly and trust God to help us maximize the power of praying intentionally and early too.

This is not another mystery on the art of prayer as am aware we have prayer generals in the house. But rather to stir up our spirits to the urgent demand for prayers in this season. 

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Two nights ago as I maintained the "cross over" prayer in my room, I was shown something like a prayer ground. It was more like a Mount of Prayer, and I knew I was not the only believer praying that night when i saw brethren calling on the Lord at midnight. However, this deep moment of prayers was interrupted by the dark side as some agents of darkness were on ground to hinder believers from praying. Long story made short, some wonderful believers began to struggle to pray, while some prepared for themselves where to lay down and sleep (On the Mount).

Beloved I realized that these dark forces were out for one mission: STOP THEM FROM PRAYING

The Dark Side understand the effect of a fervent prayer from a believer, and they know that the best form of defense is to ATTACK.  

Brethren, this is not to teach us as though you don't know this things, for you yourself know that life itself is SPIRITUAL. For the Great One who created all things is Spirit. And even our common enemy Satan is not flesh and blood "For we do not  wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in high places. EPHESIANS 6:12"

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Nothing is too small to pray about. If you know how intentional Satan is about your life my sister before you even learn a trade you will learn to pray. Brother if only you understand that certificate don't make men in the kingdom before you get a degree you will kneel to decree. 

Me am learning to pray about everything ooo, i mean even if a fine sister says she likes my personality, she has just given me work to do in the closet, so before i start binding negative thoughts from my head i should launch attack. A colleague told me some farmers have started preparing for next year's harvest NOW.  And then i got the message in my spirit. It seems to me like the farming season in the spirit for this year has come to an end, and Men are pressing in the secret for next year. Your New year resolutions for 2021 would mean nothing if you fail to PREPARE NOW for next year.

Aunty, the wedding didn't work out this year, what makes you think it will next year? Every year is alike, there is no special year, didn't you see how 2020 turned out to be? If next year must be different for you and your household please start Preparing Now.

For us here we are praying-in the souls for next year NOW.

That house, marriage, job, health, prosperity, whatever you desire from God tomorrow, pray about it TODAY.

Do not wait till new year's eve....PRAY TODAY.