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About Gospelcaster

Over the years, the world has seen the birthing of a new brand of believers who are a by-product of the loss of the template of true and balanced Christianity.

We are currently faced with a serious dilemma of weak and beggarly Christians and this has occurred because truth, accuracy and balance have since left the body of Christ. The devil has been granted steady footing and access into the body of Christ and he has perpetrated gruesome ills.

In the face of the finished works of Christ Jesus, believers today have been plunged into great depths of bondages and this is because we lack knowledge (Hosea 4:6).

It is to this end that I saw the need for "Gospelcaster". An online platform (blog) which would serve as the pivot, pioneering an apostolic move online to redirect the church that is the body of Christ back to her rightful position in Christ by restoring the lost template of true and balanced Christianity.

Gospelcaster is the brainchild of Ajayi Augustine Oluwatade. As stated earlier, I am poised to restoring the lost template by which true and balanced Christianity would be propagated via this online medium.

On Gospelcaster, you get to read articles, notes, journals, and write-ups written by spirit-filled writers. This articles and write-ups are designed and written by the help of the Holy Spirit of God to engineer the drive back to the place where even the least among us is able and empowered to wield great power and to be as strong as David.

Gospelcaster also provides online courses. These courses would be on topics which the body of Christ has been  beguiled with ignorance in them. The courses would discuss at length issues which have proven to be precarious to the building of the Church.

On Gospelcaster, I publish the sermons and messages of great men and women of God who are custodians and caretakers of the deep mysteries of God and of His kingdom. You get to stay abreast with happenings in the gospel entertainment scene with our "Keeping Tabs With Entertainment" category.

Books written by the Gospelcaster and other choice writers would be posted and published. Some would be for FREE whilst others would be PAID for.

Conferences, online forums, webinars, and various discourses would be initiated. These and many more would constitute the operations of the Gospelcaster blog. The sole purpose of Gospelcaster and the reason for the blog platform is to restore the lost template of true and balanced Christianity.

For further enquiries about Gospelcaster Inc.,   Ajayi Augustine Oluwatade , visit our "Contact Us" page.